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SPA Hotels - Hotels in Varshets

SPA Hotels - Hotels in Varshets

SPA hotels in Bulgaria - SPA Hotels - Hotels in Varshets

The town of Varshets is situated in the north-west part of Bulgaria at the foot of Todorini kukli peak (1785m), 30km south from the town of Montana and 15km east of the town of Berkovitsa. Varshets is located on the upper course of the river Botunya. Some of the most important riches of this area are the thermal springs near Varshets and the village Spanchevtsi. The water is with a temperature of 37-38°C, poorly mineralized and can be used for treatment of heart diseases, neurological diseases, endocrine diseases, gastric diseases and recovery from apoplexy. Varshets is the starting point for trips to the monastery “Saints Cyril and Methodius” and the Todorini kukli peak. The waterfall Raiski kat is situated 1km away from Varshets.

  • SPA Hotels in Varshets - SPA Hotel Medicus 4*

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